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Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021

Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021

Going by digital marketing expertise, not all paid traffic works the same way and produces the optimum results. For instance, YouTube is optimized explicitly for videos and animations, while Instagram works for videos and image captions.

Therefore, an expert SEO agency must also look for ways to optimize each of the chose paid traffic platforms for optimum results.

In other words, specific traffic sources stand high above others. Apart from the particular attributes of these paid traffic platforms, some of them also have a reputation for a high ROI. In addition, the creative platforms allow for various advertising features with a specific design to drive a high amount of traffic to your site.

Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021

Top 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO in 2021

Below is a detailed analysis of the top 5 traffic sources that are efficient for SEO marketing as recommended by professional SEO agencies. On the other hand, never assume that these paid traffic sources are suitable for a one-size-fits-all approach. But then, you will first learn about how they work and some of their biggest and most profitable features.

  1. Google Ads (AdWords)

As it stands presently, the number one platform for both organic and paid traffic is Google. Moreover, Google owns 92.24% of the global search market and 94.61% of the Oceania search market. Google does its magic in several ways through many features, including

  • Paid-per-click (PPC) campaigns to put your site at the very top of search results
  • Google Display Network that displays your image or video display ads
  • Gmail Ads featuring sponsored emails 
  • Google Shopping featuring product listing for companies with excellent products
  • Search, Maps, Google My Business for running local SEO campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns across all reputable channels
  • Google Play Store for advertisement through Apps

Do you wonder why Google is so successful? For example, the Google Display Network reaches above 2.5 billion users to over 2 million sites. Similarly, statistics show that each company that spends $1 can earn $2 in revenue. 

  1. YouTube Ads

Following Google, the second largest search engine is YouTube, with over 2 billion users each month. Also, users watch a total of over one billion hours of video daily, which implies reaching more people than any other mobile network. 

While running YouTube Ads, there are at least five options that are available to users

  1. In-stream ads that usually play before, during, or after a video. However, users can typically skip these ads after some seconds of play. 
  2. Another in-stream ad can last for about 15 seconds and play before, during, or after the main video. However, users cannot skip these ads until they finish playing.
  3. Bumper ads that can last for about 6 seconds before, during, or after the chosen videos
  4. Sponsored ads in the form of video discovery ads appearing at the top of YouTube search results
  5. The last category is a display of masthead ads that feature at the top of a YouTube homepage

As a result of these facts, YouTube stands as the most effective video marketing platform for running relevant ads. Meanwhile, advertisers have access to YouTube’s reach of 84% higher engagement through mobile advertising than TV ads. 

Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021
  1. Facebook Ads

Running ads on Facebook is also one of the best opportunities to convert a great deal of traffic through paid sources. You should also know that Facebook is presently the largest social media platform in Sydney and the whole of Australia. Meanwhile, Facebook is not a standalone platform. But any ad you run on Facebook also works for Instagram and WhatsApp.

At the same time, Facebook’s total audience network also covers games and other mobile apps. Amazingly, Facebook allows users to promote various types of content, including videos, blogs, and even the general brand. Below are some of the types of campaigns you can run on Facebook.

  • Facebook newsfeeds can display native advertising posts
  • Facebook stories for native ads
  • Ads through Facebook messenger
  • Facebook marketplace is the platform for users to sell different products
  • Facebook video feeds for running video ads
  • Running ads through Facebook right columns
  • Instagram explore ads
  • Native Instagram ads through Instagram stories
  • Facebook videos and IGTV ads
  1. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the most suitable platform for professional interactions as a …

22 Actionable Tips On How To Promote Your Blog Content With Zero Budget

22 Actionable Tips On How To Promote Your Blog Content With Zero Budget

Content promotion featured


Many people asked me previously how I promote my blog posts. So I put together this article for you to show how I use different methods to promote my articles with zero budget. Yes I could pay hundreds of dollars for promoting my new articles but why should I do that if I can get great results with manual promotion as well. 

Let me show you how to promote your blog without spending a penny!​

1. Facebook groups

There are many Facebook Groups out there for people who are looking for a solution for their problems or just want share their articles and thoughts with each other. It’s a great source that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your next blog post. Head over to Facebook (change the language to english) and use graph search.

Once you are in that group start with a little introduction and later on you can share your blog posts with these people.

2. Twitter automation​ and timing

​With a free version of Hootsuite you can schedule your tweets with two clicks. I use the Hootlet chrome extension where I can put my tweet text, with hashtags and images as well and automate my tweets. Just schedule your next article for a week (in different time zones) two, three times per day.

I use MyTopTweet to find out my best performing tweets. It will help you determine when is the best time to post on Twitter based on my top tweet results. There are other tools that can shows you the time when your followers are the most engaged, but this simple tool worked for me pretty well.

Or you can use Tweroid which will show you when your followers are online. 

There is also an option to sync these datas with your Buffer account.

​3. Topsy

​I use this free tool to find out who tweeted a similar article previously. Lets say I want to promote my article called “22 Practical Pinterest Marketing Tips That You Can Use Today”. I search in Google for “Pinterest marketing tips” and I found this article from 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility.

Add it to topsy and find out who tweeted the article. Now make a list of people (influential only) who tweeted that article from SocialMediaExaminer and let them know about your article, they might want to read it or share with their followers as well. Head over to your Twitter and just tweet them using @.

​4. Popup promotion

​If you already have lots of articles on your site that has a decent amount of organic traffic, I highly recommend using this method. Go to your analytics and find out what page receives the most traffic.

​Than use your email popup on those pages saying that “Learn 22 Practical Pinterest Marketing Tips Today” and ask for their email address. Of course you have to use YOUR new article headline.

It will do two things:

  • Collect their email addresses
  • Drive traffic to your blog post

Make sure that you don’t show this pop-up on the blog post that you are promoting. 🙂

​5. Comment on popular posts

Let’s stick to the above mentioned example (you can use the exact same method in your niche and article). Find popular posts about your topic and make a list of sites that are allowing comments.

Leave a comment saying that you learned a lot from the article they have put together and you also have some additional tips (make sure that you add value to your comment). These blog posts have a decent amount traffic already and you can generate some clicks as well with this method.

With CommentLuv you can gain do-follow backlinks as well.

Here is how you find these sites:

​Just play with this until you find a great blog and make sure that you add value to your comment! Don’t just say, hey I love your post, bye…

6. Google Plus

​This works really well, but you have to pay attention not to be too spammy because people …