Types of businesses that need SEO services

Types of businesses that need SEO services

There’s no doubt about the fact all businesses need SEO services. The world is going digital. Virtually all products, items, goods, and services are promoted online these days. That way, businesses are growing to be more competitive these days. Why? It is because it is crystal clear that people prefer to go online to either place an order for a product or seek a service provider.

Therefore, every business owner is looking for a way to penetrate the social media management. And that makes search engines to be too congested. Have you ever wondered why Google suggests or brings millions of results to a search? Yes! It is because everyone has moved to promote either their product or services online. Then, we need to talk about what makes some websites to be on relevant places on major search engines. And that’s SEO. 

Those websites you see on search engines’ first and second pages have gone beyond the natural. What do we mean? They hired an SEO Agency to help them optimize their page. It is sacrosanct that all businesses should go digital. So, that settles the question; is there a business that doesn’t need SEO services

Hence, in this write-up, we will discuss the types of businesses that need SEO services. We mean companies that should not overlook search engine optimization. But before we journey on, we will also talk about what SEO entails. Are you ready for the ride?

Types of businesses that need SEO services

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is a unique way of promoting a website. Once your page is on a search engine’s first page, it will generate massive traffic that’ll convert to a sale. Now, amid several companies that are also ruling digital marketing, how can your website stand out? You need to optimize your website. And that’s the duty of an SEO Agency. There’s a need for you to get a qualified SEO Agency to help you bring your site to reach its right audiences. 

Also, search engine optimization is the perfect way of staying above other contemporaries to attract new customers and increase the business owner’s revenue. The SEO tool will lighten up your site, and your site will come up anytime people searches for content inserted in your site. We will give you a clue on how it works. However, you don’t need to do it yourself. SEO Agency is the solution. 

SEO is a tactical way of inserting or integrating keywords that people will likely search for. And once they search for something like that, websites that contain those keywords will show for people to choose. 

For instance, you need an SEO Agency in Sydney to help you to work on your site. So, you visit Google to search for “SEO Agency in Sydney.” The suggestions from Google will be those websites whose content contains what you typed in the search box. And that’s what we are talking about. 

Hence, if you want to know more about it, you can search online to learn more about search engine optimization. On the other hand, please hire an SEO Agency to help you out. You might not be able to do it ideally, even after knowing what it entails online. 

Types of businesses that need SEO services

Businesses that need SEO services

  • New startups and small businesses

If you’re planning to play the business game, you need to inquire how to rank your business website on search engines. Why do you need to add this to your plan? Online platforms are the only place where you can get new customers and new results. Therefore, creating a website alone is not enough to make your website visible. It’s beyond creating a website. You need to hire a qualified SEO Agency to help you optimize your site using perfect primary and secondary keywords.

On the other hand, small business owners also need SEO services to optimize their sites. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting small. Of course, all big Companies begin like that. Hence, let us small business owners add SEO services to your plans. 

  • Software-as-a-service & online service companies

This business also needs SEO services. Online service companies need people on their websites. There’s no how your business can survive if you

Why do counselors need to optimize their website with SEO?

Why do counselors need to optimize their website with SEO?

Are you a counselor, and do you want to remain relevant? Then, there are things you need to do. You don’t need any further explanations before you believe that there are millions of people offering the same counseling services you want to provide. Do you have a website? Do you have an online platform where people can contact you for counseling services? You need to have it. The world is going digital. Nowadays, people prefer to get counselors online. So, that makes the counseling world to be competitive. 

Now, how can you stand out? There’s a need for you to start thinking about seo service. As a counselor, you understand how the world is moving. From our end to counselors, we hope counselors would agree with us that the world is not on the spot. The world moves. Gone are the days when people open an office in a conducive environment to welcome clients for effective counseling services

Of course, the office thing is still intact, but now people prefer to contact counselors online. Even though the situation may later warrant that clients will have to come to the counselor’s office, the initial conversation begins online. 

Now, would-be counselors and those already in the field should learn how to optimize their websites using SEO campaigns to make them visible to the right audience. And no one can do that SEO campaign perfectly for you other than a competent SEO Agency. 

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Why do counselors need to optimize their website with SEO?

For clarity, we will discuss the meaning of SEO and SEO Agency. Then, we will dive in to discuss why counselors need to optimize their websites with SEO. However, dear reader, you have a role to play. We urge you to shun interruptions and follow us closely as we reveal something profound to you here. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a tactical way of maximizing or increasing those that’ll visit a website. Also, SEO ensures that your products or services reach out to the right audience in your locality and beyond. Hence, counselors need this tool to start a relationship with clients within their locality and beyond. 

SEO is a tool used to bring a site to outshine its contemporary. Furthermore, SEO is a tactical way of making a web page to be available on the first page on search engines. So, we can say that those counseling websites you see flying on search engines like Google are the works of a professional SEO Agency. Then, every business owner and service provider can also make their website visible to their audiences by hiring a competent SEO Agency.

What is SEO Agency?

SEO Agency is a company of experts or staff that have undergone specific training about incorporating keywords in the content on a website to make such a website visible to its right audience. 

With that said, we can tell you vividly that all the websites you see flying on search engines like Google wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a competent SEO Agency.

Why do counselors need to optimize their website with SEO?

Why do counselors need SEO services?

Today, we have countless counselors out there. And all of them are using online platforms to promote their website. However, below here are why counselors need SEO services to elevate their websites;

  • Counselors need SEO to create brand awareness.

Counseling services are not things one should do in a corner. In other words, this profession or service needs to go viral and spread all over the world. The saying that “everyone needs counseling” is true. So, how can people know there’s a counseling service provider if that counseling website is not among those websites ruling the front page on search engines? Therefore, counselors must consider including SEO services costs in their plan. You’ll see a different result if you hire a competent SEO Agency to help you handle your website. Hence, one of the benefits of SEO services is to create brand awareness. And counselors need it. 

  • Counselors need SEO to improve their conversion rate.

One of the things SEO does is to ensure that people who visit a website patronize what such a website offers. SEO involves creating excellent content that will convince website visitors

Skills Every SEO Professional Should Have in 2022

Skills Every SEO Professional Should Have in 2022

Whether you pay someone to manage your SEO campaign or do it yourself, there are some skills that will make the optimisation process go more easily. 

SEO specialists’ skill sets are often extremely broad, but there is usually a baseline of attributes that contribute to their digital ability. Keep the skill sets mentioned below in mind when contemplating how you or your seo service provider performs your optimisation.


Analytics is the foundation of SEO. It is how SEO agencies gauge their progress, so it should be a regular part of their SEO strategy process. Every step made during an SEO campaign can and should be tracked. SEO experts should be able to pull metrics as well as evaluate and interpret the data that they get.

But they must know much more than just how to read the findings. Any SEO professional worth their title will understand how to act and apply such analytics to the site they’re working on to ensure long-term success.

Skills Every SEO Professional Should Have in 2022

Creative Thinking Ability

It’s critical to note that no two SEO strategies are the same. Every website is unique, and there are several elements that influence a site’s search engine position.

As a result, an SEO specialist or SEO Agencies must be able to detect possible flaws in the websites on which they operate. This may be accomplished by conducting competitive research and determining what is and is not working for some of your main competitors.

SEO success is determined by your ability to “out-optimize” your main competitors. A critical and creative thinker ability of an SEO professional should be able to compare your campaign to those of your competitors to evaluate what are done correctly, what went wrong, why it happened, and how to rectify any issues.

There is no universal SEO formula. That is why it is necessary to bring a critical mind to the table in order to grasp unique problems from many perspectives and come up with inventive ideas to remedy them.

Mind for Research.

An SEO campaign relies heavily on research. An SEO Agency or specialist handling your SEO services process should have horned the technique of research. Comfort and confidence are required for excellent research, and make no mistake, keyword research will take some time.

When planning your keywords, be diligent and consider all possibilities. SEO specialists understand the significance of phrases that are both valuable – meaning there is a significant demand for them, and also relevant. Relevance is quite important.

If your SEO agency advises you to use keywords that have nothing to do with your product or service, this is considered black hat SEO and will harm your ranking in the long term.

Most professional SEO agencies in Australia are familiar with tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, except the quack ones. It’s critical to conduct extensive studies on the competitors while being mindful not to mimic them. 

Finally, and most crucially, SEO professionals must continually research Google and keep up with its ever-changing search algorithm. SEO is not something that you learn once and then forget about. You must constantly read articles and pay close attention to what Google is doing. If you fall behind, you will lose a lot of ground.

Skills Every SEO Professional Should Have in 2022


Prioritization is essential for a good SEO campaign. As a result, all SEO specialists should have a solid awareness of the measures that must be followed. Each of these processes should be prioritised based on their significance and complexity.

Creating backlinks, for example, is one of the most time-consuming and complex components of the SEO process. It is also one of the most crucial criteria in the ranking. Because of the complexity and importance of link building activities, it is critical to devote sufficient time and attention to this process to guarantee that it pays off in the end. Simple things, such as content changes, take significantly less time and should not be prioritised.


Anyone in charge of an SEO strategy must have excellent writing abilities. Remember that SEO is a content-driven approach, and SEO authoring is a skill that not everyone possesses.

It’s really tough to include keywords in your writing without having it appear forced. Nothing is more

The Best Strategy for Your Business Goals

The Best Strategy for Your Business Goals

A Comparison Between SEO and Paid Advertising

In earlier articles, we discussed the distinctions between SEO and sponsored search. We’ll let you determine which is superior. (Hint: They’re both fantastic.) Now we’d want to get down to business and talk about what’s actually important.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common objectives that businesses establish for their online email marketing initiatives. We’ll compare how each the two strategies measured against one another and you can then decide which one you would use.


SEO services does not normally demand as large a budget as sponsored search. The correct SEO service can optimise organic techniques at a low cost and yield massive benefits. A considerably bigger expenditure would be required to get comparable numbers of visitors, revenue, and profit via sponsored search. Especially at the beginning.

Please don’t get us wrong. PPC campaigns are quite efficient. However, they can be costly to operate, particularly in competitive sectors. They are also frequently more expensive to begin than SEO. We’ve seen SEO campaigns with a monthly budget of $10,000 outperform paid search campaigns with annual budgets in the millions.


The purpose of increased exposure is to increase potential reach. In this aspect, SEO outperforms sponsored search. SEO strategies not only allows you to fill up more SERP placements, but it also allows your website to rank on various search engines and for multiple search queries with minimal more effort or money. To deliver sponsored advertising similarly, you must establish several campaigns and ad sets across multiple channels, which takes time and can be expensive.

With SEO services, you can enormously and continuously grow your total reach with a single piece of content. And, while sponsored search has superior general targeting, nothing compares to the effect SEO has on local visibility.

The Best Strategy for Your Business Goals

Instant Results

Paid search is the way to go if you want to create rapid sales. Purchase intent is an erratic beast. Consumers change their minds quickly, so marketers must reach out to them while they have high buy intent. PPC advertising is the quickest way to contact people who are ready to buy through search engines.

It takes time to apply SEO and get favourable results. PPC provides more quick results. As a result, sponsored search is an excellent short-term alternative for advertising your products and services, particularly if you provide seasonal or time-sensitive items. When it comes to speed, PPC is the way to go.


Scalability indicates how simple it is to improve returns such as impressions, traffic, and click volumes, as well as customers, revenue, and profit. When done effectively, SEO may become a substantial source of all those returns over time. This is due to the fact that the finest organic optimizations compound with time.

This is not true for sponsored searches. In reality, the reverse is true. When compared to organic content, PPC advertising has a shorter lifetime. (At best, it lasts one to two months, compared to several years for organic.) After a short length of time, their returns begin to dwindle. And the moment you stop paying, their returns cease to exist. All of this makes cost-effectively scaling your advertising impossible.

SEO services can provide increasing profits over time. To achieve this, we propose focusing the majority of your SEO material on evergreen content (i.e., content that will not become outdated). This ensures that your content is well-positioned to scale sustainably.


Brands’ long-term performance is determined by their internet trustworthiness. Repeated business sales is generated through trust and goodwill. New clients are drawn in by authority and competence.

Advertising, especially when badly planned, can come off as phoney and invasive. As a result, people are less likely to trust paid search advertisements.

SEO services, on the other hand, is all about establishing credibility. E-A-T material is highly valued by search engine algorithms. That is the type of information that conveys expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. A high rank is a seal of approval for your company. Anyone with enough money may pay to be at the top of the PPC results, but companies must earn their way to the top of the organic results. Users are aware of this. They frequently skip through

Facts to note before hiring an SEO agency

Facts to note before hiring an SEO agency

If you decide to hire an seo agency, it’s critical to recognize that seo isn’t something that can be done based on a set of rules and then left alone. Building links and generating title tags are just two aspects of seo. Building a good local seo service strategy requires a great deal of preparation and implementation, which takes time. It takes time to develop a linking strategy, time to contact websites and generate quality connections, and time to guarantee that the site ranks consistently and is not punished by search engines as a result of excessive or poor link building.

I’ve listed eight seo constraints that you should be aware of as a customer before hiring an seo agency.

SEO Cannot Ensure Success

The first thing you must realize before hiring an local SEO agency is that SEO is not a magic formula. It’s not only about gaining a few links and ranking first for keyword searches. There’s a lot more to it than that. When you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that there are hundreds of other websites vying for the same top 10 rankings as you. All of these websites use SEO agency services, and some of them are paying much more than you can afford.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say a website wants to rank for “acne cures.” This keyword has a competition of roughly “338,000.” (You can find out how competitive a term is by going to Google and searching for it with quotations.) Simply place a quotation before and after the query and do a search. The competition will show in the search results’ upper right corner.)

Let us suppose that out of these 338,000 rivals, we have roughly 1,000 decent websites. To rank first for the same term, all of these excellent websites need SEO agency services (acne remedies). There are only ten places available. So, how can you expect an SEO to guarantee results in this situation?

A decent SEO agency will never ensure success. He merely promises the high level of service he will provide.

Keywords do not stay in the top ten forever

Many customers have told me that once their keywords start appearing at the top, they simply cease paying for SEO agency services. This is a blunder. You are now ranked first, and this may be your big break. Google, for example, updates its information on a regular basis, and the SERPs alter as a result. If an SEO is helping you rank for a term, thank him and stick with him.

SEO is a continuous effort. It can never be, since there is always someone out there ready to knock you from your perch. You must remain at it on a regular basis in order to preserve your ranks. Please keep in mind that SEO is a continuous effort.

Facts to note before hiring an SEO agency

Rankings are subject to change.

As previously stated, Google is always experimenting with its search algorithm. This implies that your top-ranking keywords might go out of favor at any time. This, however, does not imply you should worry or blame your SEO agency service provider.

Please keep in mind that this is simply a phase, and your keywords might return to the top in a couple of days. It may take many months, but if your website is of excellent quality and you have done nothing wrong, you should be able to climb back up there eventually.

It’s also possible that the keywords only score poorly in a few older datacenters. You may always use online tools to double-check your findings in multiple Google datacenters.

Rankings have nothing to do with public relations.

Many customers believe that SEO is all about raising their PR, and that their rankings would rise as a result. I’m weary of having to explain that PR has nothing to do with a site’s rankings and that a low PR does not indicate poor quality. There was a time when PR was used to determine the worth of a website, but those days are long gone. You can put your PR worries to rest. The amount of high-quality backlinks you have is what

Don’t want to hire an SEO agency? Use these tips then

Don’t want to hire an SEO agency? Use these tips then

So, you want to get more online visits to your website or improve your Google search engine rankings, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Is it better to employ an SEO agency or do it yourself? It doesn’t have to be an onerous procedure when it comes to search engine optimization.

When customers do a web search, seo services provider or an SEO agency may assist in ensuring that your website is one of the first resources to surface in the search results. However, before you hire an SEO agency to assist you enhance your online results, you may want to try a few DIY SEO agency methods yourself.

Before engaging an SEO agency, small business owners should attempt these 16 do-it-yourself SEO agency tips:

Begin by creating personas.

Knowing the character of your target consumer and understanding what makes them tick is the first step in attracting more people to your site. Why? Because websites are designed for people, not machines. So, learn about their problems, why they purchase, and construct a consumer persona. This will assist you in aligning your SEO agency and website strategy so that your ideal consumer may find you online.

Don’t want to hire an SEO agency? Use these tips then

Make a Keyword Research Strategy

Make sure you plan out your keyword strategy before you throw up a load of material and language on your website. Keywords are the words or phrases that your target audience types into search engines like Google and Bing while seeking for goods and services or attempting to solve an issue. Google and other search engines will match the most relevant information to the user’s search and deliver the most accurate results from websites, blogs, and photos.

Wordstream, Ubersuggest, and Google’s Keyword Planner are just a few of the tools that might help you figure out which keywords to concentrate on. This is a good option if you don’t want to hire an SEO agency.

In the Long Tail, Look for Gold

Ranking for the most popular keywords is really beneficial in many businesses. Trying to rank for those highly competitive phrases, on the other hand, may be a time-consuming and expensive process. Spend some time developing a tailored approach around relevant long tail keywords rather than relying exclusively on the most popular keywords.

Long tail keywords are longer, more precise phrases that search engine users employ to locate what they’re searching for. Longtail keywords are essential for a successful internet expansion plan. They account for the vast bulk of all search engine traffic:

So, instead of attempting to rank for a highly competitive phrase like “accounting software,” which has 52 million searches and major businesses contending for the top place, consider a more tailored and relevant approach like “accounting software for real estate agents.”

Don’t want to hire an SEO agency? Use these tips then

Examine your rivals

Once you’ve established your keyword strategy, look at the top rivals for each term and see what they’re doing well to be ranked in the search engines’ good graces. SpyFu is a straightforward, low-cost tool for learning more about your rivals’ paid and organic search strategies. Remember that although competitive data might help you develop your SEO strategy, you shouldn’t simply depend on your rivals. After all, the visitors that are closest to YOUR ideal customer will be the ones who convert the most on your website. 

Consistently blog

Your website’s pages don’t update every day. Blogging is a terrific method to bring out fresh, relevant information for the search engines to index, since Google is continuously seeking for new stuff. Remember to tailor your blog posts for your prospective customer and the problems they confront on a daily basis. Don’t simply stuff keywords into your blog content. You’re aiming to connect with humans, not search engine robots, after all. Avoid keyword stuffing but choose a major keyword for your article based on Google Trends research to offer your content the greatest chance of getting found. To get the most out of your article, make sure the keyword occurs in the title, body content, link, and meta description.

Another blogging suggestion is to include guest blogging into your plan. Identify thought leaders and influencers in your industry who publish good content and collaborate with them to develop material

Bad SEO Habits to Ditch in 2021

Bad SEO Habits to Ditch in 2021

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Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021

Best 5 Paid Traffic Sources for SEO Campaigns in 2021

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What is the 80/20 Rule to Building a Blog?

What is the 80/20 Rule to Building a Blog?

by David Kovacs – GET FREE UPDATES

When the internet began, there was only a handful of web pages, blogs and they were handled and created by programmers.

This is not the case anymore.

Over the past decade, sites have grown by the million and the average “Joe” is now able to create, design, and maintain their own websites.

Like me, I am an average Joe. :)​

That has made it easier for people to share their thoughts and ideas, while at the same time, more difficult for them to be seen.

Just a few short years ago, the idea in SEO was to stuff websites with content to trigger search engines to increase ranking.

Where did that get us?

The truth is that it didn’t get us far.

What we ended with is millions of web pages that had nothing but nonsense on them.

Using words to “trick” search engines, we completely forgot that websites are designed for humans, not computer programs.

Sure, by creating websites that are stuffed with words to trigger automation, you may get people to your site (for a while).

Once there, however, they find no value and won’t ever return again.

The new rule for blog building is what I refer to as the “80/20” rule.

In essence, that means that you want to spend 20 percent of the time creating content for your website and the other 80% not creating more it, but promoting what has already been written.

Easy right?

For example I manually promote all of my published blog posts every single day.

20% time spent to content writing and 80% spent on promotion.

I tweet them out 3-4 times per day, I submit them to Google Plus communities or Quora etc. You can learn more my social promotion strategies here.


I want to help people and I want them to come back for more actionable strategies later on.

Instead of trying to up the amount of people who see your blog, focus on those people that you drive there.

See my point?

Almost like friendships versus acquaintances, you want to focus on those people in your life who are real and keep those acquaintances on standby.

So what is content really about?

The search engines have finally caught on to what content is.

It is about actually reaching your target audience through marketing with words that mean something.

Google led the charge with changes to the way that they categorize their websites. Realizing that there were too many SEO experts tricking the system with ineffectual content, they switched gears.

Google now uses things such as repeat views, mobile app-ease and user-friendliness, as ways to increase your search engine presence.

In response, there has been a return to common sense by those who wish to build a successful blog.

The way to increase your search engine rankings is to use content that is entertaining, engaging and has value-added.

Of course SEO is still very important…​

Got it?

It is no longer just about driving people to your site; it is about keeping them there and wanting them to return again.

Going from simple content to advertising content, is making websites more usable and giving them a purpose again, instead of their sole purpose being a tool to drive unsuspecting traffic.

So, how can you make sure your blog and blog posts will be successful?

The way to build a website is with the belief that it exists for the purpose of engaging the reader and giving them something they need.

The key becomes to get them to want to follow you and to return again frequently.

Not only will that increase the likelihood they will build brand familiarity and loyalty, but it will also increase your overall ranking.

How can you spend time advertising your blog?

Most creative people don’t have an endless supply of creativity.

There are times when they have it, and then it almost runs dry.

When you are building your blog, use the times when you have something to say, to say it.

Use the additional time to promote it.

Useful ways to promote your blog site are with tools like email marketing.

Email marketing is …

22 Actionable Tips On How To Promote Your Blog Content With Zero Budget

22 Actionable Tips On How To Promote Your Blog Content With Zero Budget

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Many people asked me previously how I promote my blog posts. So I put together this article for you to show how I use different methods to promote my articles with zero budget. Yes I could pay hundreds of dollars for promoting my new articles but why should I do that if I can get great results with manual promotion as well. 

Let me show you how to promote your blog without spending a penny!​

1. Facebook groups

There are many Facebook Groups out there for people who are looking for a solution for their problems or just want share their articles and thoughts with each other. It’s a great source that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your next blog post. Head over to Facebook (change the language to english) and use graph search.

Once you are in that group start with a little introduction and later on you can share your blog posts with these people.

2. Twitter automation​ and timing

​With a free version of Hootsuite you can schedule your tweets with two clicks. I use the Hootlet chrome extension where I can put my tweet text, with hashtags and images as well and automate my tweets. Just schedule your next article for a week (in different time zones) two, three times per day.

I use MyTopTweet to find out my best performing tweets. It will help you determine when is the best time to post on Twitter based on my top tweet results. There are other tools that can shows you the time when your followers are the most engaged, but this simple tool worked for me pretty well.

Or you can use Tweroid which will show you when your followers are online. 

There is also an option to sync these datas with your Buffer account.

​3. Topsy

​I use this free tool to find out who tweeted a similar article previously. Lets say I want to promote my article called “22 Practical Pinterest Marketing Tips That You Can Use Today”. I search in Google for “Pinterest marketing tips” and I found this article from socialmediaexaminer.com: 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility.

Add it to topsy and find out who tweeted the article. Now make a list of people (influential only) who tweeted that article from SocialMediaExaminer and let them know about your article, they might want to read it or share with their followers as well. Head over to your Twitter and just tweet them using @.

​4. Popup promotion

​If you already have lots of articles on your site that has a decent amount of organic traffic, I highly recommend using this method. Go to your analytics and find out what page receives the most traffic.

​Than use your email popup on those pages saying that “Learn 22 Practical Pinterest Marketing Tips Today” and ask for their email address. Of course you have to use YOUR new article headline.

It will do two things:

  • Collect their email addresses
  • Drive traffic to your blog post

Make sure that you don’t show this pop-up on the blog post that you are promoting. 🙂

​5. Comment on popular posts

Let’s stick to the above mentioned example (you can use the exact same method in your niche and article). Find popular posts about your topic and make a list of sites that are allowing comments.

Leave a comment saying that you learned a lot from the article they have put together and you also have some additional tips (make sure that you add value to your comment). These blog posts have a decent amount traffic already and you can generate some clicks as well with this method.

With CommentLuv you can gain do-follow backlinks as well.

Here is how you find these sites:

​Just play with this until you find a great blog and make sure that you add value to your comment! Don’t just say, hey I love your post, bye…

6. Google Plus

​This works really well, but you have to pay attention not to be too spammy because people …